Travel information


Scandinavian Cup - Akureyri March 2022

How to travel to Akureyri

We kindly ask you to contact Ak-travel for information and booking flights to Akureyri.

They have all the information about the travel opportunities to Akureyri. They want to make it as easy as possible for you to travel to Akureyri.

The teams can contact Ak-travel and tell how many travellers there will be from the team and they will block the seats for you. (You don't have to book by names in the start).


Ak-travel (Ferðaskrifstofa Akureyrar)

Contacts: E-mail:

Tel: +354-4600600


Travel alternatives


Icelandair  or another airline to Reykjavik/Keflavik from Oslo, Stockholm and maybe Helsinki.


From Keflavik to Akureyri:

Alt 1

Icelandair is going to set up a domestic plane direct from Keflavik to

Akureyri. Estimated flying time 45 min.

It is important that the teams contact Ak-travel as soon as possible so 

they can block the seats for you on that plane.

Alt 2

With Icelandair domestic flights from Reykjavik airport (45 min drive 

from Keflavik airport) to Akureyri. Estimated flying time 45 min.

Alt 3

Rental car from Keflavik to Akureyri. Estimated travelling time 

5.30-6.00 hours.

(If some of the teams want to travel with their ski equipment by

 car and use the car in Akureyri).


From Akureyri to Keflavik:

All the flights to Scandinavia are early in the morning, about


Alt 1

Icelandair is willing to set up a flight direct to Keflavik about 04.30 on

Monday morning to catch the flights to Scandinavia. The teams have

 to contact Ak-travel early if they want to use this alternative and 

Icelandair will only set up this plane if we have about a full plane.

(We know some teams want  to travel to Keflavik on sunday right after 

the competition)

Alt 2

Icelandair. To Reykjavik 16.15 or 19.05 on sunday.  Bus to Keflavik 

on monday morning

Alt 3

By car to Reykjavik/Keflavik. Estimated travelling time 5.00-6.00 hours

Welcome to Akureyri and Scandinavian Cup!